Welcome to the eCOMM Acquiring SDK Downloads Section.

Please note that the provided SDKs are for demonstration purpose only. This integration kit is provided to you to assist you with integration to (and testing of) our services. We are under no obligation to provide integration kits and so we provide these to you on an "as is" free of charge basis. By using this integration kit you agree that it is your responsibility to check its accuracy and its suitability for your own particular requirements when integrating with our services including determining whether this is the best and most secure way of integrating your systems with our service). Accordingly, you agree that any use of this integration kit (and protocol) is at your own risk and we are not liable for any omissions, errors or inaccuracies in it or in relation to how you choose to integrate with our service.

We generally recommend that you always try to use our most up to date protocols, algorithms, settings and guidance when integrating with our services but, as stated above, you are best placed to understand the most suitable way of integrating your systems with our service and it is your responsibility to decide how you do it and what is most appropriate for your needs. If we continue to make older protocols and algorithms available to you these will not be supported by us and your continued use of such protocols is also entirely at your own risk.

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ASPX.Net Core C-Sharp

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