Error Codes

The table below contains the possible error codes & descriptions a merchant can expect to receive when making requests to our API. The below is intended to help build a superior system by handling any exceptions that may occur when integrating.

Please note that these error codes are subject to change.

Error Number Error Description
0000 If Received In Server Response, the Card Is 3D Secure OR If Received In Confirmation notification, the Transaction was Successful
0001 Invalid Username or Password
0002 Invalid APISignature
0003 Access for the particular API is denied
0004 Invalid Message ID
0005 Debit/Credit card transactions are not allowed
0006 Transaction Code already exists
0007 A Sale request with the sent Transaction Code is not present in the system
0008 Confirmation Received (Confirmation will be sent to the merchants Notification URL)
0009 Not Enrolled
0010 Authentication Error
0011 Not Authenticated
0012 General Failure
0013 Transaction not executed
0014 Empty/Null data fields
0015 Message ID already exists
0016 Invalid data
0017 Incorrect data
0018 Currency cannot be processed by Merchant Profile
0019 Card Type cannot be processed by Merchant Profile
0020 Vendor ID not present in Merchant Profile
0021 Merchant daily limit was exceeded
0022 Merchant monthly limit was exceeded
0023 Clear/Refund Received
0024 The Vendor ID used does not match with the Vendor ID sent in the Sale request
0025 Parent transaction not found.
0026 3D Secure Confirm request for this particular transaction was not found.
0027 Cannot process any transaction (Requires whitelisting of the merchants Server IP).
0028 3D Secure Confirm request already executed
0029 Transaction cannot be refunded
0030 Amount to be refunded is bigger than the parent transaction amount
0031 Total Refunds exceeds the transaction amount
0032 Cannot issue a full refund, as a partial refund was already done on the transaction
0033 Merchant Blocked IP/Bin/Country
0034 Auto Billing Received
0035 Auto Billing already applied
0036 Auto Billing deletion was not successful
0037 Auto Billing Deleted
0038 Register Payment Received
0039 Register Payment unsuccessful, Unique ID already exists
0040 Update RecurringBilling Successful
0041 No Recurring Billing found matching ID
0042 Deleted Recurring Billing Successful
0043 Deactivate RecurringBilling Successful
0044 Successful Transaction
0045 Card Processor unavailable
0046 Blocked Transaction
0047 Post-Authorisation already executed
0048 Void Pre-Authorisation already executed
0049 Invalid Reversal Reason
0050 Void Pre-Authorisation Received
0051 Process Recurring Billing Received
0052 Recurring Billing Not Set to Manual Execution
0053 Cannot Process Deactivated Recurring Billing
0054 Successful Refund
0055 Clear Request already executed
0062 Clear cannot be applied, since Recurring Billing was applied at Pre-Authorisation level
0068 Pre-Authorisation was not successful
0070 Transaction cannot be refunded, it has been charged back
0071 Multiple Transactions being processed with the same Transaction Code
0072 DCC Token has expired
0073 DCC Token currency does not match Vendor currency